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East Greenland Travel Guide

An Ice Age, East Greenland is one of the most isolated habitations in the world. This world famous destination is the natures last remaining unspoilt regions on the planet. East Greenland is one place, if visited offers the experience of visiting the original Greenland. This place is situated between the polar sea ice and the Greenlandic Icecap, and is only accessible with supply ships 5 months a year. In the winters the local transportation is by helicopter, skidoos and dogsleds. In the summertime it's by speedboats and helicopter.

There is very less population here in the rugged and mountainous majestic remote and isolated coastline. Old traditions and practices can be still seen in this region. Major population, infact all of these are still survival hunters and fishermen, and they gather food for their families by dogsled, boat and kayak. As compared to the West Coast the East Greenland stands in contrast to population and modernization.

This region is very isolated because of the long winter, where the sea is frozen and the extensive field ice belt, which drifts on the currents along the coast in the spring and summer. The 2,600 kms coastline only has two towns and 7 small settlements, with a total population just above 3,500 people. Tasiilaq and Ittoqqortoormiit are the towns and inspite of sparse density of population East Greenland, boats varied activities and excursions for an enthusiast tourist.