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East Greenland Iceberg Tours

Sailing with icebergs is truly an amazing and fantastic experience of lifetime, and this activity can be thoroughly enjoyed and taken part in East Greenland. With amazing shapes, sizes and enchanting colors like blue or green, these icebergs are powerful and even beautiful. Icebergs are glacial ice forms which are formed out of compacted snow and are made entirely of fresh water. As snow is squeezed under its own weight on the upper reaches of the glaciers, it begins to flow downhill to the sea. Tones of ice flow out onto the surface of the water. In the winters if the tourists are lucky it's possible to sight seals and whales such as minkes, humpbacks and fins around these icebergs. There are iceberg cruises organized and operated by various local tour operators from mid June to the end of August. These cruises depart from Tasiilaq harbor and its duration is from 4 hours to a whole day. Special care of the travelers are taken in these cruise ships, where all these boats have heated cabins and offer hot refreshments.