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East Greenland Ski Expedition

There are numerous landscapes and vast alpine-scale mountains in East Greenland that are unspoiled and rarely visited which make some of the best spots for skiing expeditions. Also east Greenland also has the most impressive and spectacular heli skiing environment in the world. With the stunning coast of East Greenland, Gunnbjorns Fjeld, 3693m which is the also the highest peak above Arctic Circle, is the best destinations for professional skiers in this region. East Greenland is known for its majestic peaks, broad glaciers, beautiful weather and occasional fierce storms. Here temperatures will range from -10°F to +30°F and offer one of the world's most rugged and scenic skiing settings. East Greenland's remote and mountainous Fjord lands offer perfect ski touring to the finest alpine peaks, glaciers, and uniquely, iceberg-studded sea ice. This vast and pristine arctic wilderness has all what it wants to perform all the pro skiing skills, not only this the amateurs will also enjoy these slopes same as the experienced ones.

Greenland's high skiing season is in the months of March and April, and it is also during this season that the world's toughest cross-country race, Arctic Circle Race, is held in Sisimiut every year. More than 100 competitors from more than 10 countries participate in the organized events here.