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Popular East Greenland Whale Watching Safari Tours

East Greenland and its surrounding waters are just perfect for whale watching. Whale watching safari is the most popular activity here in this region, as whales are very common in the sea and fjords all over the Ammassalik area. One will certainly find whales and seals in the waters as there are many tour operators who provide whale watching safaris for tourists in many regions of East Greenland. The chances of seeing whales are very high, and a simple voyage along the coastline or in the fjords is a whale-watching safari in itself. The season for whale-watching starts from late July till the end of September. Whale-watching safaris are organized by local tour operators in both Kulusuk and Tasiilaq, which offers close-up views of these fascinating creatures. Not only the tourists will enjoy views of the whales but also the boats will have heated cabins to keep the guests cozy and comfortable throughout the trip. Here are some of the whale species one will trace at Ammassalik, East Greenland:

  • The Minke Whale
  • The Humpback Whale
  • The Narwhale
  • The Killer Whale
  • The Fin Whale
  • The Sperm Whale