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How to Reach Franz Josef Islands?

Franz-Josef-Land is considered to be one of the most pristine high arctic territories till date. Since this place is actually the last major landmass on the earth to be discovered in 1873 by the Austrian "Tegetthof" expedition, it remains secluded from rest of the world due to its extreme weather conditions and geographical location. Franz Josef Land is considered to be the refuge for European walrus and Polar Bears can also be found here in abundance.

In the past there have been only a few private expeditions that have made attempts to reach Franz Josef Land but as-of-now, entry to this place has been banned for independent travelers. Since, there is no form of public transport facility the Russian government does not issue the entry of foreign vessels as well. However, the only mode of transportation to this place is via touristic expedition cruises on Russian ice-classed vessels. But this cruise trip is also limited with only 1-4 tours being operated every year. To know more about the various cruise trips to Franz Josef Island, you can search the net for information regarding the tour details.