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The Secluded Franz Josef Islands

Franz Josef Island or Franz Josef Land is indeed a mysterious group of islands lying between the arctic icecap and 80 degree north latitude. It is the closest land to the North Pole in the Eastern Hemisphere and one of the most secluded areas featuring exquisite arctic beauty and misty solitude. The most interesting fact about this place is it is actually the last major landmass on the earth that was discovered in 1873 by the Austrian "Tegetthof" expedition. Due to this reason, it was named after the reigning king of Austria at the time of its discovery.

The archipelago is spread on an area of about 16100 square kilometers with almost 85% of the islands area being covered with permanent ice. This place boasts of wide ranging untouched and unseen sights featuring spectacular sceneries that were caused because of the formations connected with the earlier volcanism. There is no public transport system in the entire islands as they remain generally vacant with only a few persons from Russia being bases on the archipelago. Since 1991, this place has been open for tourists who come hear to have a glimpse of wildlife attractions like polar bears, arctic birds and walruses.