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Flora and Fauna in Kamchatka Peninsula

The entire Kamchatka Peninsula is very rich and versatile when it comes to Flora and Fauna. It houses some of the most unique and almost extinct species of animals. As this entire place is secluded with low density of human population, very few industries and features vast open lands, mountains, lakes and volcanoes, all these features provide natural habitat for wildlife to flourish.

Brown Bear also known as "master of Kamchatka" are found in abundant and they rule the land. Their overall weight varies from 100-700kg and they feed on fish and wild berries. Apart from these other wild animals include wolfs, reindeers, beavers, rabbits, foxes, wolverine and more.

The Steller's Sea Eagle and White Tailed Sea Eagle are considered to be the world's largest birds having a wingspan of about 2-3 meters can easily be found here. The peninsula also features birds like swans, gulls, falcons, wild goose, tufted puffins and much more.

King Salmon is regarded as Kamchatka's favorite fish and can be found in abundant quantity. Red King Crab, also known as Kamchatka's crab can also be found here. It is considered to be the largest crab species and is sold commercially at inflated rates. Apart from these, killer whales, sea otters and seals can also be found here.

When it comes to flora, the Kamchatka peninsula is rich in exotic and rare plants, flowers, berries, mushrooms and trees. Some of the plants are exclusive to this region because of its geography and volcanic activity.