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Traveling Kola Peninsula on 4x4 Off-Road

One of the most unique ways of exploring the unseen and untouched beauty of the Kola Peninsula is to take a tour of this region on a 4x4 off-road vehicle. The entire route passes through varying surfaces from tarmac to narrow forest roads to icy passes to rocky paths as well as sand beaches. The tour takes you to various exotic locales of Russia's Northern capital and passes through stunning places in Karelia and the Kola Peninsula.

In the entire 4x4 tour a guide is provided that explains in detail about the exotic attractions en route and unfolds the mysteries associated with this place. For support and service, a bus having all the amenities and facilities like 40 channels CB radio, 220V generator, gas-cooker for cooking food and refrigerator is provided throughout the route.

There are various types of accommodation options available from hotels to Saami sot house to Pomor style wooden house to lumberjack guesthouse. The tourists are treated with traditional Russian style dinners and sauna/Banya facilities. The entire tour of Kola Peninsula on 4x4 off-road is indeed an experience of a lifetime and an unforgettable moment for the entire family.