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Popular Adventure Activities in Kola Peninsula

The exotic Kola Peninsula is rich is wide ranging attractions and tourists also get a chance to indulge in adventure activities like Hiking, Rafting and Bicycling. It is one of the most unique places on earth which provided unlimited opportunities to explore its mysteries.

Hiking: On this tour adventure enthusiasts get a chance to strap their backpacks and explore the pristine beauties of Khibiny Tundra by scaling the highest mountain of the Kola Peninsula.

Rafting: This tour is a dream come true for the avid rafters as it takes place on the Umba River that has the longest track of about 150 km downstream in the entire Kola Peninsula and features numerous class III and IV rapids along the entire stretch up-to the White Sea.

Bicycling: The 150 km off-road tour is being operated on the Tersky Coast that passes through old Pomor villages and reaches the village of Varzuga which is situated on the most faraway point of the Kola Peninsula. The route features dense forests, rocky terrain, sandy beaches and dunes.

The entire bicycle tour passes through the best destinations in Kola Peninsula such as ancient rock carvings, fishing villages, Amethyst mine, Khibiny Tundra, wildlife attractions and much more.