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Downhill Skiing in Kola Peninsula

One of the most eagerly awaited attractions in the region of Kola Peninsula is downhill skiing. The slopes of Northwest Russia are surrounded by the stunning Khibiny Mountains that provide one of the best opportunities to indulge in the adventure sport of Skiing. The ideal season for alpine skiing is in the months of March through April and even May as well. During these months the mountains are covered with thick blanket of snow around 5 meters and there is lots of sunshine to compliment it.

The most suitable place for alpine skiing in Russia is located about 35 km from the city of Kirivsk. This place is regarded as the best downhill skiing centre in the Northwest of Russia, is spread on a total length of 30 km area and features tracks of varying degree of complexity. The FIS has certified the six ski-tracks and all of them correspond to the international standards. Apart from the skiing attractions, visitors can also enjoy a package of exquisite Russian recipes, hot sauna bath as well as watch Northern Lights.