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Salmon and Trout Fishing Tours in Kola Peninsula

Fishing opportunities galore in the entire Kola Peninsula as this place is regarded the best when it comes to Salmon and Trout Fishing. There are lots of fishing tours being operated in Kola especially in the heart of the region not far from the Monche Tundra and Biosphere Nature Reserve. This place is known as the Eldorado for Trout and Grayling fishermen and features numerous lakes and rivers. Apart from salmon and trout, other species of fish such as Sig, Perch and Pike are also abundantly found in this area.

This region in particular is ideally suitable for fly-fishing, spooning as well as trolling. An average catch at this place is 3 to 4 fishes per 3 hours with the weight of fishes ranging from 3 to 5 kg. It is indeed one of the most fascinating adventure activities for the avid adventure enthusiast in the secluded areas of the Kola Peninsula. If lucky, you can also get a chance of viewing wild animals like reindeer, fox, brown bear, wolf as well as exotic birds like grouse and ptarmigans. During the entire tour, while you are busy fishing, your tour guide will look for camping, meals, beverages and campfire.