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Kola Peninsula - The Land of Midnight Sun

The northernmost territory of European Russia is known as Kola Peninsula, placed north of the 66th Parallel. The entire area is spread about 550 km from west to east and 400 km from north to south. The peninsula is surrounded by the White Sea in the southeast and Barents Sea in the north and northeast. To the south lies Karelia, to the west is Finland and Norway is placed to the northwest. Major part of the entire peninsula is placed to the north of Arctic Circle.

Kola Peninsula experiences harsh winter in the major part of the year with temperatures in the month of January averaging between -8 and -13 degree Celsius. The summers are generally warm with temperatures in July averaging between +12 to +20 degree Celsius. During the months of December through January, the entire region gets covered under the legendary Polar Night blanket when the sun hides below the horizon day and night. In the summers the region gets transformed into the land of midnight sun with bright sunlight illuminating the land around the clock throughout June and July.

Kola Peninsula features wide variety of attractions like dense virgin forests, isolated tundra, wonderful mountains, clear lakes and rivers. Apart form these you also get a chance of knowing the native culture of Lappish and Russian people by visiting memorials and interacting with them. The Kola Peninsula is indeed one of the greatest places on the planet filled with miracles.