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Best Kola Peninsula Winter Sport Activities

The entire Kola Peninsula is rich in wide ranging attractions. Every attraction, be it summer activities, winter activities or tours has its own charm and is at par with the best attractions around the world. Same is the case when winters arrive in this region. In the months of December and January, the entire area from forests to tundra is veiled in darkness and the only illumination is that of the Northern Lights, stars and moon. As the month of March arrives the entire area is dazzled by sunlight and provides an excellent opportunity to indulge is wide ranging winter sport and snow fun activities.

Skiing and snowmobile adventure activities become common are various places along with skimming over frozen lakes and besides the river corridors in fir forests. It is the best time to enjoy the Russian wilderness along with family and friends. Popular winter sport activities like cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, ice fishing, snowshoe hiking, snowmobile tours as well as excursions takes place at various places around the entire peninsula. The type and quality of activities are to be experienced in order to believe it and what this place offers it visitors is surely beyond words to express.