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Lofoten Scenic Attractions and Recreational Activities

Norway's Lofoten islands boats many must-visit tourist attractions and places for the travelers and holidayer's. This is one of the most favorite spot for honeymooners, which offer visitors vivid attractions and natural beauty. Here are few most exotic locations as well as popular activities that best describe Lofoten Island.

Tourist Attractions:

  • There are beautiful snow-capped mountains on Lofoten, including Higravstinden, and the Moysalen National Park which are popular for mountaineering and rock climbing on Lofoten Islands.
  • The Norwegian white sand beaches are ranked as the best in the world; these include the world-renowned Utakleiv, Eggum, and Hauklandsstranden.
  • The island is filled with beautiful churches and museums. There are famous museums like Lofotr Viking Museum, the Lofoten Museum and the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum.
  • Apart of these attractions there are other tourism attractions that include Moskstraumen tidal area in western part of the archipelago, and the world's largest deep water reef close to Rost.

Popular Activities:

One can enjoy summer outdoor activities on the islands like golfing, biking, hiking, fishing, ocean rafting, whale watching, diving, sailing and kayaking. Lofoten provides some of the best whale watching sites, there are special cruises on Lofoten Islands that provide tourist an exceptional whale watching experience. One can also visit the Lofoten Aquarium to see the marine animals of the archipelago.