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Weekend Getaways from Murmansk

If you want to experience the mystic beauty of places surrounding Murmansk they you must make it a point to visit the Kola Peninsula. It is the best destination for going on a weekend getaway from Murmansk and is considered to be one of the most beautiful and unique places on the planet. The Kola Peninsula boasts of diverse ecological system and is regarded as one of the best places for adventure tourism.

Apatity is a town strategically situated beneath the Khibiny Mountains and at the coast of Imandra in the peninsula from where tours are being on a regular basis. Though adventure tourism has started recently, but the kind of activities has compelled more and more tourists to visit this place again and again. Snowmobile tours are being operated from this place which passes through places featuring amazing beauty. The entire route covers beautiful gorges and slopes of the Lovozero and Khibiny tundra's, White Sea coast, mysterious Seidozero Lake, Imandra, Umba, Lovozero lakes as well as sacred places like Saami. Some of the tour operators also organize ice fishing tours in the frozen forest lakes of the peninsula. Ice fishing is regarded as the favorite winter activity in Russia and is indeed one of the most unique sports that take tourists to a whole new level.