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The Unique City of Murmansk

The city of Murmansk is also known as Romanov-on-Murman was founded on October4, 1916 and is renowned across the world for being the world's largest city north of the Arctic Circle. It is placed to the extreme northwest of Russia and boasts of having the largest seaport. Prior to the 20th century it was inhibited by the Skolt Lapps and Russian settlers. The overall development started after the 20th century and as-of-now the main source of livelihood is shipping, fishing and the navy.

Murmansk is renowned for its scenic beauty and boasts of a unique Arctic nature. The entire peninsula features thousands of dense forests and lakes. This place experiences polar day in the summers and polar nights in the winters. There are lots of strange features associated with this city like it falls above the polar circle because of which it experiences weeks of total darkness in the winters and weeks of full day sunshine in the summers, it lies above the 10 degree isotherm and its average temperature in the month of June is 10 degree or less. Despite experiencing extreme cold conditions the sea doesn't freeze because of the Gulf Stream. The overall atmosphere in the port area during winters is foggy with minimum temperatures reaching -16 degree Celsius.