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Places of Interest in Murmansk

The entire region of Murmansk has got the distinction of being places above the Arctic Circle. Due to this reason the region witnesses Northern lights which shift magically across the dark winter sky and appears to be often blue-green in color and sometimes red or violet. These lights are one of the most unique attractions in Murmansk. Apart from the above, the region is rich in cultural history and many tours are being organized on a regular basis that throws light on the rich heritage of this place.

Visitors get stubbed by the variety of things to do in Murmansk from outdoor adventure tours and nature activities to cultural events to snowmobile and ski tours to visiting historical and heritage sites to going on a sea or river cruise. There are lots of places of interests located near the region that also adds to the attractions associated with Murmansk. Some of the interesting places for tourists are Monchegorsk, Kirovsk and Kandalaksha. All these places feature wide ranging attractions from modern town facilities to center of mining industry to ancient settlements. The city in itself features various tourist attractions like statues of Alyosha and Anatoly Bredov as well as lighthouse monument Church of the Savior on Waters and much more.