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Spitsbergen Breathtaking Attractions & Activities

There are many attractions and activities in Spitsbergen which can be enjoyed individually or in a group. Here are the popular attractions of Spitsbergen followed by thrilling activities.

North West Spitsbergen National Park : The National Park here is located n the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. This is the safest place for Arctic wildlife, and the park provides protection to the Svalbard reindeer, polar bears, millions of seabird colonies, the arctic fox, walruses, and whales.

Snowmobile Safari : Snowmobile guided tours offer the enthusiast visitors in Spitsbergen will find vast frozen landscapes, majestic mountains and glaciers. One will also witness either the amazing northern lights or the beginning of the midnight sun.

Ice Grotto Tour : During the Ice Grotto tour, tourists will witness nature's true splendid beauty in the form of ice and rock formations during the. The tour will start by entering a mesmerizing cave from the big Longyear glacier right outside town and witness melted water under the glacier and come across breathtaking formations of ice and stones.

Spitsbergen Cruise : At Spitsbergen many Arctic adventure tours provide cruise liners and small expedition ships that take tourists deep into remote fjords. There are two major cruise liners that sail from Spitsbergen, which are the vintage coastal steamer MS Nordstjernen and MV Polar Star.