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Svalbard - An Ice Paradise

Svalbard, meaning "cold coasts" is an archipelago that lies halfway between the mainland of Norway and the North Pole. Its made up of 60 percent glacier with only 6 percent of its vegetation, is the land covered by perma-frost, with only the top meter thawing during the summer months. Longyearbyen is the small community which has approx 1800 inhabitants and they perform mining businesses and industries and a wide range of cultural activities and opportunities.

This place attracts adventurous tourists, as there are many rugged fjords, glaciers and icebergs. An enthusiast wildlife lover will find a lot to click and record here at Svalbard, as it is a great place for wildlife viewing and the visitors come to see the ;polar bear in its natural habitat. Spitzbergen is the largest island and a sparsely populated archipelago. There are flights almost daily between Tromso in northern Norway and Longyearbyen and this place also offers accommodation facilities like two hotels and four camp sites.

There are many tours that can be arranged from Longyearbyen and one can participate in many thrilling activities like fossil hunting, mine tours, boat trips, dog sledging, snow mobiling, diving, glacier crossings, kayaking, horse riding and trekking.