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Svalbard Popular Tourist Attractions

Svalbard is located in the Arctic Ocean and is a Norwegian archipelago, is one of the best places to experience Arctic. This is an ultimate location for tourist across the globe that is in quest to get one-on-one with the raw beauty and splendor of Svalbard. Here one will witness the untouched, pristine beauty of the glaciers and the rocky mountains. There are lots of wildlife attractions in Svalbard islands which include exquisite polar foxes, walruses, seals and many species of arctic birds. Other exotic species one will find here are the whales, polar beer, reindeer and Arctic foxes invite many tourists to the place.

Longyearbyen offers a lot to any tourist who visits Svalbard. Its beautiful snow-clad mountains are just picture perfect. This place also offers famous landmarks like museum, which is also recommended to visit by any tourist. It was established in the year 1979 and is situated in the University centre. The evolution of the civilization and the relation between nature, culture, history, landscape, human activity, environment in the Arctic area and technology is demonstrated through the Museums exhibits.

There are other popular tourist locations which are well known for their haunting and superb beauty that are Barentsburg, Hopen, Hornsund, Fjord, Svea and Spitsbergen. Isfjord is also one big tourist attraction that holds glaciers to its northern side and to its southern side are the steep hills. Another region the Hornsund is a real pleasure to visit. This place is covered in a blanket of ice, even during the summer and also has Alpine peaks and pinnacles, which embellish the landscape.