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Land of the Arctic Circle - West Greenland

West Greenland offers a wealth of natural attractions and astonishing scenic experiences to the tourists who visit this adventurous location. This is a land of the big glaciers and huge icebergs which are just offer unforgettable beauty mystery and adventure. Its landscapes will certainly take your breath away at times when the sun is out, the icebergs sparkle and shimmer, and the shapes infused with the turquoise of pure ice. West Greenland comprises of approximately 40 km2 (15 square miles) of nature to enjoy.

The majority of West Greenland's many fjord systems do not freeze and therefore sailing trips are available throughout most of the year with good chances of seeing seals and whales. West Greenland offers varied tourist activities that include musk ox safaris or dog sled trips, whale watching tours, city sightseeing, cruises, short boat trips, helicopter tours and the most interesting nature tours. Popular cross-country skiing race and Arctic Circle Race is held here and a perfect location the Apussuit Adventure Camp, which is situated on a glacier outside Maniitsoq, enables skiing activities during the summer. One can also enjoy kayaking at the sea around the town.

The primary business activity of West Greenland is fishing for prawns and a majority of people here enjoy a traditional existence by living off the sea. Hunting and fishing is common in this region and a major livelihood and occupation of the community living in West Greenland.