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Fantastic Polar Bear Watching Tours

It's your best chance to see the world's largest land-based predator the Polar Bear while your trip to West Greenland. The size of this animal is the largest amongst all species of bears and its strength is just fascinating, hence it is the symbol of strength in the Arctic world. The major population of polar bears in Greenland is in the northernmost parts of West Greenland and in Northeast Greenland. These are the areas where this mighty animal lives and breeds. The chances of tracking one of these animals in the wild are greater when you are sailing along the coast; this is because it moves with the drifting ice. Polar bears inhabit Arctic sea ice, water, islands, and continental coastlines.

Polar bear expeditions are a major activity in West Greenland, which involves tourists looking out onto the vast ice floe, fjords and landscapes. Watching polar bears is their natural habitat is awe inspiring and adventurous. One will certainly enjoy the polar bear tours as these guided tours offers the best chance to come face to face with these kings of the north in their natural habitat. These tours and expeditions are best as these are organized in limited group sizes. This provides the best and equal chance to experience nature at its best and it is particularly important on these expeditions so the guests have plenty of room on board the tundra vehicles.